Celebrating milestones – six months and counting!

So much of recovering from ACL surgery is boring, awful or just plain tedious. That’s why I think it’s important to have something fun to look forward to – something that you’ll only be able to do if you continue to be diligent with your recovery efforts.

To that end, my husband and I booked a six day bike tour in Death Valley at the six-month mark. We got back last week, and I’m jumping for joy that I could actually ride five of the six days without much pain or swelling. I’m clearly on the road back to “normal.”

One of the highlights of the trip was a solo, pre-dawn ride to Zabriskie Point to photograph the sunrise. The picture above was taken just as the sun cast its first rays on the Panamint Range. There are several other pictures on my other blog and I invite you to click over there for a look see!


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3 responses to “Celebrating milestones – six months and counting!”

  1. Vera says :

    6 months is such a big milestone – well done! 🙂
    It’s always good to have something to train for and your bike tour sounds brilliant. It must have been a lot of fun!

  2. mommybites says :

    That’s awesome. I miss mt biking a lot. I can’t wait to be back to that point!

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