Listen to that inner voice!

tiger teeth

Ever have a bad feeling about something and ignore it? Me too. The most recent instance involved going to the dentist a month after surgery.

It shouldn’t have been a big deal, really. Just a routine tooth-cleaning. Except as the appointment approached, I didn’t feel “up to it.” I couldn’t put my finger on why; it just didn’t seem like the right time to go. I contemplated postponing it a month, but decided just to go anyway despite my misgivings. Bad idea.

My mouth was super tender and my gums bled like crazy! Nothing had changed in my tooth cleaning routine, so the only explanation that the dentist, hygienist and I could come up with was overall inflammation in my body due to the surgery.

The lesson here is two-fold: 1) listen to those intuitions about your body; and 2) it’s a good idea to postpone going to the dentist for a few months after surgery.

Photo by @Doug88888, used with permission.


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One response to “Listen to that inner voice!”

  1. My Light Bag says :

    I’ve learnt to listen to that inner voice esp when it comes to health. If a doctor prescribes me some medicine and i somehow feel put off by it before even trying it, I don’t open the packet. I recently had to get an optional vaccination but cancelled it at the last minute because my body felt repelled by the thought of it. Body knows best.

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