How does an ACL injury occur?

I’m a visual learner, so imagine how excited I was to find this picture showing exactly how an ACL gets torn.


It’s easy to imagine how I landed after jumping over the hurdle – my right foot turned in and my pelvis rotating forward in the direction of travel. Snap!


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2 responses to “How does an ACL injury occur?”

  1. Mari Erasmus says :

    Good day
    My son has torn his ACL 10months ago. He is 15, now. He didn’t receive usual reconstructive surgery. I hope that he can receive Dr. Martha Murray’s new scaffolding technique.
    Was your ACL fixed by using Dr. Murray’s technique? At what age did you receive the operation? Did you receive it shortly after your injury or a few months later?
    Hope to hear from you.

    • Carry Porter says :

      Mari, I had a traditional allograft at age 38 only 3 weeks post-injury. The scaffolding technique is relatively new and wasn’t available at the time. I wish your son the best of health and a speedy recovery!

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